Austin, TX


By God’s grace through the power of the Holy Spirit we will strive to fulfill our purpose through:

Gospel-centered Corporate Worship. It is in corporate worship, first and foremost, that Christ, our good shepherd gathers us, His sheep (both the newly rescued and the maturing), to receive the worship to which He alone is worthy, and also to give us nourishment for growth in grace and service. He calls us, confronts us, comforts us, and communes with us in the Gospel through Word and Sacrament.

Our corporate worship endeavors to be biblical, historically connected, but not frozen in the past. We must realize we live in a contemporary context, while avoiding the lure of popular culture “trendiness.” Our worship should be reverent, engaging, joyful, and pleasing to the Lord because it is offered in Spirit and in truth. In every aspect of our worship, God’s holy majesty and fatherly nearness to us in Christ should be reflected, revered, and celebrated. In all facets of our worship we should continually strive for and display beauty that will be well pleasing to God – especially in our singing and musical accompaniment.

Gospel Maturity. As Christ’s body, we are called to press on toward full maturity in him. We do so as we grow together in the knowledge, understanding and application of the Gospel through the various “means of grace” that God has given us. The primary way we grow in grace is through the transforming nourishment that God gives us in his word, the Bible. As it is preached, taught and read, we are able to take hold of its truth and promises by faith, and then God uses it to renew our minds and equip us to “live out” the Gospel in every area of our lives. Therefore, we will offer a variety of opportunities for growth including Sunday Bible classes, leadership training courses, and Bible studies targeted to various ages, groups and life situations.

Gospel Community. Jesus assumed that those who are being renewed by the Gospel would be gathered into visible communities of believers, who by the quality of their corporate life would be noticeable and distinct – a “city on a hill.” The New Testament writers thought of themselves first as a community, rather than as individuals. If we can relate to and love one another in line with the truth of the Gospel, we will authentically demonstrate that we belong to Christ. Then we can be used to draw those living in darkness to the light of the Gospel. In addition to our Corporate Worship gathering on Sundays, we encourage smaller, more intimate gatherings – community groups – which provide opportunities for encouragement and growth utilizing various means: Bible study, prayer, singing, fellowship meals and mutual care and support. We also encourage informal hospitality among households and schedule periodic, church-wide fellowship gatherings to help us to develop closer friendships with one another. These various groups and gatherings also provide informal, non-threatening ways for us to build relationships with our unchurched neighbors and demonstrate the refreshing freedom and authenticity of life in the Gospel Community.

Gospel Mercy. Following the example of Our Lord, who has shown great mercy to us, our church seeks to show Gospel mercy and practical care for others. While this should regularly occur among those within Christ the King Presbyterian Church, it is our duty and calling as a Gospel community to proactively seek opportunities to extend Gospel mercy to those outside the church – especially those who happen to live within our geographical area. Everyone needs mercy and we should be praying and looking for ways to creatively and meaningfully show mercy to others according to the mandate and pattern of Christ and his kingdom. Those who are on the margins of life are all around us – including children, the elderly, the sick, the physically challenged, the impoverished, the addicted, and those who are plagued by the emotional and spiritual anxieties that come with living in a broken, fallen world. In a sense, we are all on the margins of life and in desperate need of a strong, merciful Savior.

Gospel Outreach. Like the Apostle Paul, we should continually pray for opportunities and bold wisdom to talk to people about the astonishing grace of God in the Gospel. Christ has promised to gather His people and build His church from among all nations on earth, and He has promised to go before us as we go out under His authority. Each member of the body of Christ has unique gifts that can be utilized in the unique spheres and relational contexts in which God has providentially placed us. As we use our talents and gifts, God will give us unique opportunities and methods of telling and demonstrating the Good News to others. There are a variety of ways to interact and build relationships with non-Christians – through intellectual interests, athletic activities, social gatherings, and service projects to name a few. Therefore, following the example of the Apostle Paul, we should be praying about these kinds of opportunities and the boldness and love to act on those opportunities.

Gospel Expansion. Jesus Christ commissioned His church, under his authority and with the assurance of his continual presence and power to disciple the nations and extend His kingdom reign throughout all the earth. For this reason we will devote resources and prayer to see other Gospel-centered, Reformed churches planted and established throughout the Austin area, North America and the world. We will accomplish this through the efforts of our denomination’s presbyteries, church planting networks, Mission to North America and Mission to the World.