Austin, TX



Every church has biblical and theological beliefs upon which they stand and from which they seek to carry out their purpose. These are called doctrinal commitments and are generally expressed in creeds and summaries of the Christian faith, which systematically state what the Bible teaches about God, humanity, salvation, the church, the world, and the future. Read more

Core Values

However, since we live in the modern world and not the Seventeenth century, we must determine how our doctrinal commitments are to be explained, embodied, and applied to the particular people and context in which we live and serve. We express this in terms of our core values, purpose statement, and mission. At Christ the King we believe The Gospel is our central core value from which everything else extends. Read more


Therefore, being rooted in the historic Christian faith that rests upon the Holy Scriptures, and centered upon the transforming power of the Gospel of grace in Jesus Christ, our purpose is stated as follows:

The purpose of Christ the King Presbyterian Church is to worship, teach, share and serve as an authentic, growing, visible community of Christians who are being renewed daily by our Lord Jesus Christ in order to bring thorough Gospel renewal to people living in southwest Austin and beyond.


By God’s grace through the power of the Holy Spirit we will strive to fulfill our purpose through:

Gospel-centered Corporate Worship. It is in corporate worship, first and foremost, that Christ, our good shepherd gathers us, His sheep (both the newly rescued and the maturing), to receive the worship to which He alone is worthy, and also to give us nourishment for growth in grace and service. He calls us, confronts us, comforts us, and communes with us in the Gospel through Word and Sacrament. Read more